Silver in the Tour of Ibiza 2023 for SCOTT CALA BANDIDA

Sergio Mantecón en la Vuelta a Ibiza 2023

The Mantecón - Guerrilla duo from SCOTT CALA BANDIDA take second position in the 2023 Vuelta a IBIZA SCOTT with a heart-stopping sprint, followed by Faus and Guerrero in fifth overall.

Pitiusa Island hosted the Vuelta a Ibiza SCOTT by Shimano 2023, with up to a thousand participants from all over the world to enjoy the wonderful views and more than 200 km of travel.

This competition, divided into three stages, put the Scott Cala Bandida on the ropes.

In the first stage, the runners faced 64 km and 1,500 meters of elevation gain. Mantecón and Guerrilla started off on the right foot, leading the race, but suffered a crash that delayed them, causing them to finish in fourth position.

Moreover, Faus and Guerrero started the race with good feelings leading them to finish the race in sixth position.

“Great stage in the Vuelta Ibiza SCOTT P6️ with Pablo. A good upbeat and
constant." - Michael Faus

The second day was on Saturday, the bandits were preparing for 80 km and 2000 meters of unevenness. After a hard run, Sergio and Francesc made up for the first day's drop, winning the second place.

“Today we managed to find a good rhythm from the start and
we managed to finish second after a good job with Sergio” - Francesc Guerra

Miquel and Pablo managed to climb a step, arriving in fifth position.

The last stage, with 59km and 1,170 meters of elevation gain, promised to be the fastest of all. It was a tour of the eastern part of the island, with beautiful views of the sea and its surroundings. The Scott Cala Bandida stayed very close to each other throughout the race until, a few meters from the finish line, they started the final sprint that brought them to the brink of victory, finishing in second place. Pablo and Miquel, on the other hand, fought to get onto the podium, taking fourth position in the stage and fifth overall in the edition of the 2023Tour of Ibiza .

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