Refund policy


The site has a contact email where you can ask questions, change the products or refund, immediately after finishing the email, you will receive a confirmation that your email has been sent and we will proceed to take care of your application..

CHANGES AND REFUNDS will be made in a maximum time lapse of 15 days since the reception of the order:

  • To make a change or refund you will need to get in contact GSPORT through the online shop, in the “Contact” section. Afterwards you will receive an answer through an email that will give you indications on how to refund or change the product (all of this will happen if you meet the requirements that are developed in the following paragraph).
  • The products that get refunded need to have not been used, not washed, in perfect condition without altering their conditions of sale (They need to have all their tags, original wrap and also all the bonus stuff that comes with it if so).
  • The products that get refunded need to have not been used, not washed, in perfect condition without altering their conditions of sale (They need to have all their tags, original wrap and also all the bonus stuff that comes with it if so).
  • In case of making a change of product, the client will assume all the expenses that come along with this action, and GSPORT will be the one in charge of the expenses that need to be covered when the new product is send. There are some exceptions such as changes made due to the factory flaws, error or unconformity produced by GSPORT (In this case the one that will be paying everything will be GSPORT
  • In the case of wanting a refund, the client will assume all the expenses that come along with the refund of the product (some exceptions of the client paying the expenses are when there is a factory flaw, error or unconformity produced by GSPORT). In this case the one that will be paying everything will be GSPORT.
  • Once our warehouse receives and inspects the refunded products, we will proceed to the refund of the product, through the same payment method that was used when the order was made, the refund will be received in a time span of 15 days from the reception date.
  • We will only be able to accept the refund if the orders are made directly from If you’ve bought a product made by GSPORT but from another seller that is not GSPORT, then you should contact the distributor or the shop that you’ve bought it from, that way, you can proceed with the refund.
  • To obtain more information about our refund policy or any other doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our team of client support at or at the phone number 96 222 97 76


  • The client declares to know the price of the products offered by the company, being able to consult them through the web site. The clients have the right to make suggestions, complains and reclamations.
  • It will be understood that the client accepts the conditions and policies when making the payment of the product he will be employing.
  • Our company has at disposition of the clients the reclamation sheets according to the official model. Also, it will be able to notify all the suggestions, complaints and reclamations directed to our support service or through our phone line 962229776. The clients will have the right of being informed about anything that happens with the chosen product, this by contacting us through the email or the phone line mentioned previously.
  • There exists a client area, where once registered, you have Access through the same password and user. In your personal area, you can modify its personal data and access.
  • GSPORT will be able to change or modify the General Conditions by communicating it to the clients previously through their web site, with the objective of giving a better experience when it comes to the buying of products and the hiring of the service, all of this with the objective of improve the services and products offered on Through the modification of the public general conditions posted at our site It shall be understood that said duty of communication has been fulfilled.


In pursuance of the General Law of Personal Data Protection and the Spanish legislation applicable due to data protection, parental consent will be required when it comes to the treatment of the personal data of people 13 years old or younger. It corresponds to our company to try everything in our hands to check the age of the minor, and the procedures that ensure that he/she is minor and the authenticity of the permission given by the parents to make the purchase. This way when a minor participates in an event or buys something from our company we will require the parental information to confirm that the permission is given by the parents: Identity Information, DNI/ID copy, family book copy this way the family affiliation will be confirmed a 100%.


The present General Conditions, where stated in the Law 7/1998 from the 13th of April, when it comes to the General Conditions of employing, the Law 1/2007 from the 16th of November that approves the Refunded Text for the General Law for the defense of the consumers, users and other complementary laws, the Real Decreto 1906/1999 from the 17th of December, due to this the Electronic or Phone employment, the article N 13 from de RGPD 2016/679 from the 27th of April from 2016 and due to the art.11 from the Organic Law 3/2018, from the 5th of December, Personal Data Protection and the warranty of digital rights, the law 7/1996, from the 15th of January from the “Ordenacion del Comercio Minorista” and the Law 34/2002 from the 11th of July, from the Service for the Society of the information and the Electronic Commerce.


By providing the email address or other personal data, needed aspect to employ some services, the clients give you the permission to use this data, used to send commercial communications of promotion or publicity of the services and products offered by

The same way, GSPORT puts to the disposition of the Clients the email address, this for them to revoke the given consent.

GSPORT declares that it complies with current regulations regarding data protection, in particular and conformity with the art. 13 from the RGPD 2016/679 from the 27th of April 2016 and under the provisions of the disposed in the art. 11 of the Organic Law 3/2018 from  the 5th of December, of the Personal Data Protection and the warranty of the digital rights, he/she gets informed that their persona data will remain incorporated and will be treated in the treatment activity named “CLIENTS/PROVIDERS” ownership of GESTIONES COMERCIALES SPORTIVAS GENOVÉS, S.L. (GSPORT) with the goal of carry out the integral management of the company (administrative management, accounting, tax). He can exert his rights in any moment their rights of access, rectifications, oppositions, suppressions, portability and limitation of their personal data, through a corresponding writing, accompanied by a photocopy of your ID sended to GESTIONES COMERCIALES SPORTIVAS GENOVÉS, S.L. (GSPORT) Ctra. of Simat, nº 14 of Xàtiva (46800) Valencia or through the email


The content supplied by GSPORT is subjected to the rights of the intellectual and industrial property rights and are the exclusive property of GSPORT or of the individuals or legal entities that are informed. Through the acquisition of a product or service, GSPORT doesn’t allow any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction and distribution or public communication reserving all of this rights. The assignment of the rights stated before will requires the previous consent by GSPORT. The client won’t be able to dispose this content to third parties. The intellectual properties extend, a side of the content included in GSPORT, their graphics, logotypes, design, images and source code used for the programming of the site.


GSPORT doesn’t guarantee the permanent availability of the services, it exonerates himself from every type of responsibility or possible damage done due to the unavailability of the service due to an error or fail in the data transfer or telecommunication services, alien to his will.

GSPORT doesn’t take responsibility of the content that the site links contains unless it’s an ownership of them, this because if they are not their ownership they can’t be controlled by GSPORT.

The client manifests that he/she knows that the information given by through their services, doesn’t have a legal character and that is only given with informative objectives.

The support service, offered as an informative service and it has limited effects due to the reason that it doesn’t review official documents that can be relevant and doesn’t have any complete information in any case, because of this what it gives you is an honest an transparent opinion. In all the cases it is recommended to visit a lawyer to take any decisions with economic implications.


The parties submit in case of discrepancy to the Courts and Tribunals of the jurisdiction that the applicable legislation establishes.


All the notifications, requirements, petitions and other communications that need to be made by the parties in relation to these General Conditions, will need to be written by hand and this will mean they have been correctly done when they get handed or get send by mail or email, this in order tot allow both sides to point to the other one.


If any clause included in these General Conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only said provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting the General Conditions in everything else, having such provision, or the part of it that was affected, as not placed.

When the contract of trading gets formalized between GSPORT and another person whether is a physic or juridical that has a legal condition for the consumer and user, applies to the provided in the Real Decreto 1/2007, from the 16th of November, that approves the General Law for the Defense of the Consumers and Users, with the conditions that where specified before and, in what is not foreseen, the general conditions of commercial sale will apply.


The seller is responsible for any lack of comfort that manifest in a time span of two years since the delivery, you can manage your warranty through the mail:

The fact of opening a claim with "GSPORT" does not imply that the product is automatically covered by the guarantee.

GSPORT is who at last instance takes the decision if the product (if applies) gets covered by the warranty or not.

Due to all of this, if it is valued that the product does not get covered by the warranty, you will be informed what the motive is. From that moment, you are the one that will decide if you want to assume the expenses that come along with the reparation of the product (if possible) or, to get your product back without solving the incident.

It will be taken into account that the shipping / collection costs generated by a product that is not included in the warranty, will be assumed by the client. Otherwise, if the product got covered by the warranty, GSPORT will be the one paying these expenses.

GSPORT guarantees that the sold product subjected to the article 114 and follow the law of Consumers and Users. The articles are sold with a warranty from the fabricant facing every factory flaw.

When requesting a warranty, the client commits himself to:

  • That the product hasn’t been manipulated or used improperly.
  • Informing properly of all the problems or imperfections that your product has (Giving as many information as possible, it needs to be complete and brief). All the information that’s not included won’t be taken account when it comes to the warranty.
  • The only product that needs to be provided is the one affected, don’t include any other complements of this one because they might get damaged while being transported, this because it isn’t GSPORT responsibility to take care of them since they are secondary products.
  • Try sending the product packed as well packaged as possible to prevent damaging during the process of shipping

When a warranty is required, “GSPORT” commits himself to:

  • Carry out the warranty management and contacting the client to speed up the process and carry it out in a more efficient way.


According to the art. 14, section 1 of regulation (EU) 524/2013: the European commission facilitates a platform of resolution of disputes online, which you can find in the following link: 


Rights to Desist

He/she has the rights to desist from the present contract of our ptoduct in a time span of 15 days without a necessary justification. This time span will be effective in the momento that the payments for our products are recieved.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from the contract through an unequivocal statement for example: via email: or a letter sent by post to:


CIF: B-97688527

  1. Mercantil de Valencia Tomo 8374, libro 5664, Folio 200, Hoja nº V-111.191, Inscrip. 1ª.

ADDRESS: Ctra. de Simat, nº 14 of Xàtiva (46800) Valencia

Email address: 

Phone number.: 96 222 97 76

To comply with said desist period, it’s enough to send the relative communication before it expires. The amount paid will be refunded in a time span of 15 days. (The time can vary depending on the platform that is used as an intermediary).

If the product has already arrived to its destination and you have the necessary to make the refund, the import will be reintegrated in your bank account when we confirm the reception/refund of the product.

(You can use if you want our model of desist, the one we attach to the footer of the web site.)

Desist Consequences

In case of desistance by its side, he will get refunded all the payments that we’ve received by the person. We proceed to effectuate the refund using the same payment method as used in first place.

Model of desistance form


(you only need to fill the form and send it to if you want to desist from the contract service)

— Under the attention of


CIF: B-97688527

  1. Mercantil de Valencia Tomo 8374, libro 5664, Folio 200, Hoja nº V-111.191, Inscrip. 1ª.

Dirección: Ctra. of Simat, nº 14 of Xàtiva (46800) Valencia


Phone.: 96 222 97 76

For the instance I/we communicate (*) that I/we desist (*) of our trading contract of the following services:

Order number and description:

Order Number (*): ___________________________________
Name and Surnames of the consumer or consumers:
Consumer address or consumers addresses:
Street, number:
Post code, town/city:

__________Consumer or consumers signatures (only if the present application form is presented in paper) _________Date (*)Delete as appropriate.


The Client Support Department has a section where after the finishing your order you can get anserws to any kind of question or problem you have related to productss or shippings.

If you have any problema or doubt, you can complete the contact application form, or senda n email to .