Shipping policy



The General Conditions of Employment that appear in our web site ( contain legal information about the normative for distance employment and electronic commerce.



The orders made by our customers in our web site, owned by GESTIONES COMERCIALES SPORTIVAS GENOVÉS, S.L. (GSPORT) will be managed under the following General Conditions of Employment. Our company won’t accept any conditions given by third parties or clients that are different from ours, except in cases where is approved by both sides with a formal contract.


OFFERS AND RISKS: is a web site that can be accessed publicly and one where you can buy our products related to the textile sector.



With the exposing of the products and services in our web site there is not an offer linked to the formalization of a contracto on some of this services.

The contract of buying some products, are effectuated by the client, when confirming the order in the final step of the process.

The product will be send under the following conditions:

  • The shipping programs are subjected to the availability of products and receipt of payment.
  • The products will be send through the delivery courier.
  • The shipping times will be realized in a time span of 5-7 days in Europe and 7-9 days to the rest of the world (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays, this are not considered workable days).
  • Payments from outside the European Union will be accepted.
  • Our prices and descriptions are the ones displayed in our web site or updates of the same one. All the prices include taxes (IVA).
  • The prices are subjected to many variations and changes.
  • They will be able to revise all the articles in the “shoping cart”, as well as, send a confirmation message and resume the order when you’ve finished your order.
  • The client will have specific “Account” section, where he will be able to register, indicating his personal information. Once registered, you will be able to access and modify all the information related to your user (client data, billing and shipping address, passwords).
  • The client will be able to enjoy different offers in specific time lapses such as sale dates or specific campaigns. This ones will be announced in our site and will be applied during the corresponding periods.

There are some remote areas that we can’t guarantee that the order will get there in the specified time. If you want to know if this is your case you should contact the Customer Service. You will be asked to specify a phone number in case the shipping company needs to contact you, in this case you will need the additional information to guarantee the delivery. You will also be asked for an email where the confirmation of the order will be sent. 

The contract will be done when GSPORT accepts the order, through the order of the products and the use of the email the contract will be accepted. It will also be useful when you’ve made the payment before authorizing it.

If it were the case that, once the payment has been made and the company couldn’t proceed with the order due to the lack of stock or other related motives, obviously, the company would contact the customer within 24h to inform them and depending on the decision of the customer we will proceed to either refund the money or send the order with a different product if it was decided like this (The refund will be made within 15 days because each platform has different refund systems).

The purchase contract contains the following:


CIF: B-97688527

  1. Mercantil de Valencia Tomo 8374, libro 5664, Folio 200, Hoja nº V-111.191, Inscrip. 1ª.

Adress: Ctra. de Simat, nº 14 de Xàtiva (46800) Valencia


Phone: 96 222 97 76



All the prices are fixed prices in Euros (€) that contain the corresponding tax to Spain (IVA).



Standard Shipping

Exprés Shipping

Free Shipping

Spain (Peninsula y Balearic Islands) y Portugal (Peninsula) 4,90€ - Free shipping for orders over 50€
Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla), Andorra y Portugal (Azores, Madeira) 15€ - Free shipping for orders over 120€
Europe (Belgium, Chequia, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden) 15€ 25€ Free shipping for orders over 120€ 
Rest of Europe and United Kingdom 18€ 30€ Free shipping for orders over 150€
International (Zone A: Canada, Mexico, USA, Bolivia, Honduras, Honduras, Morocco, Paraguay, Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay) - 30€ Free shipping for orders over 200€
Rest of the world - 45€ Free shipping on orders over 300€

Unless it’s shown the opposite in the offer, the payment needs to be done through PayPal, Bizum or Redsys, this platforms allow payment by cards such as Visa, MsasterCard or similar.

Some platforms such as “PayPal”, “Visa” or “Master Card”, have their headquarters outside of the European Union or the European Economic Space. Due that the level of data protection is not the same around the world, no data transfer is done only if the company ensures a personal data protection similar or identic to ours. Also, the personal data transfer will be done with a specific, explicit and legitimate objective and the data will not be treated in a manner incompatible with those purposes.

For more information, you can visit their privacy policy on the website of said platforms:


- Master Card:

- PayPal:



For the order reception, it’s important to have in mind the following recommendations:

  • Check that the number of products is the same as said in delivery card given by the transporter.
  • Check that the packages are not damaged or opened.
  • If anything said before happens don’t return the package, just make sure to notify it in the delivery card "box in bad state, products still need to be revised". Once this is done and written down continue to write your personal information on the delivery card.
  • It’s essential to communicate any incident to our department in a maximum time span of 15 natural days after the reception of the package (if 15 days pass we won’t accept reclamations such as breaking, theft, and others).
  •  In case of not being able to follow this recommendations, GSPORT will not be able to act and in consequence we are not responsible of the incidences that can happen. Remember that the goods always trave at the expense and risk of the recipient.