Kids Collection

    Discover our cycling outfits for kids.

    Enhance your children's bike rides with our Gsport Kids cycling collection. Clothing designed exclusively for children and teenagers, so they can continue having fun on wheels. We foster our passion in the next generations of cyclists. A collection with very attractive and fun designs, soft and comfortable fabrics, relaxed fits that value comfort, durable and resistant garments for the little brave ones.

    We are our own manufacturers, we produce sustainably for the next generation of cyclists. We develop the product, design the creatives, print the materials, and choose the fabrics and details it will carry. The garments are sewn and assembled with all the care by our excellent seamstresses. And they go through all quality controls and testing with our own children and nieces/nephews. It's also a 100% made in Spain collection. We know that the more comfortable you are on the bike, the more you enjoy it. And the more you like the routes and outings, regardless of the age of the cyclist. That's why we have taken so much care in the development and design of our children's gear. Jerseys for boys and girls who love cycling, are very versatile garments, suitable for casual and sporadic rides, as well as for training and mountain or road routes for professional projects.

    Our bib shorts for the little ones combine slightly compressive fabrics, long bib shorts with a fleece-lined interior for warmth. Quick-drying fabrics with minimal seams to avoid chafing and irritations. All fabrics in the collection are soft to the touch and natural to ensure maximum care for the delicate skin of infants.

    Gsport Kids is a collection of children's cycling clothing, so that kids can enjoy bike rides as much or even more than the adults.