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Polti Kometa x Gsport

Polti Kometa Rojo Equipación Equipo Gsport
Born From Passion
Comfort, high quality and performance.

For the first time, Gsport and Team Polti Kometa join forces to outfit the riders of the UCI Pro Team category.

Polti Kometa Gsport Eolo Aurum Equipo
Jersey Polti Kometa x Gsport
Jersey Polti Kometa x Gsport
Jersey Polti Kometa x Gsport
Jersey Polti Kometa x Gsport

Jersey Polti Kometa x Gsport

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Polti-Kometa x Gsport Season 2024 replica jersey.

  • Jersey combining micro-perforated lycra fabric on the front and carbon filament fabric on the back. A very light and breathable material with bacteriostatic and anti-odor properties.
  • Lightweight mesh side panels, ideal for wicking away sweat and regulating body temperature.
  • Striped lycra sit sleeve with inner silicone for a better fit.
  • Reinforced pockets with unidirectional elasticity and 2 cm elastic finish.
  • Reflective back panel to give the rider visibility in low light hours.
  • Finished with front elastic band, a piece that stylizes and guarantees an optimal and very comfortable fit.
  • Inverted YKK zipper with lock.
  • Temperature range from 18º.
Culotte Polti Kometa Gsport Rojo Born From Passion
Culotte Polti Kometa Gsport Red Aurum
Culotte Polti Kometa Gsport Rojo Bib Short
Culotte Polti Kometa Gsport Rojo Temporada 2024

Bib short Polti Kometa x Gsport

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Bib shorts replica of the Polti-Kometa x Gsport of the 2024 Season.

  • Minimalist design with minimal seams. No cuff, no end seams.
  • Silicone integrated in the inner part of the lycra itself. Second skin sensation.
  • Ultralight.
  • Ergonomic cut.
  • Resistant, breathable and quick-drying straps.
  • Temperature range: from 15ºC
  • Pad: Range developed with a multilayer open cell foam of 65 density (kg / m³) and 120 density (kg / m³); and a total thickness of 16 mm that guarantee excellent protection during cycling. The first layer of 65 density and 4 mm thick guarantees a high elasticity of the product; and a pleasant feeling of softness in contact with the body. In addition, the second layer of 120 density and 12 mm thick supports the cyclist in extreme distances; guaranteeing excellent protection and comfort. The perforation of the foam with 3 mm holes significantly increases the breathability and the passage of air in the pad; giving a pleasant feeling of freshness and allowing quick drying.
Polti Kometa Gsport Eolo Equipación Temporada 2024
Polti Kometa x Gsport Eolo Team