Sergio Mantecón y Guerrilla en la Andalucía Bike Race 2023

The Andalucía Bike Race 2023 puts Scott Cala Bandida against the ropes under the mud and snow. 

The race, divided into six stages, began the first one in Torredelcampo, Jaén, with 48 kilometers and 1,800 meters of positive elevation gain, where the mud and unstable terrain led to a slow and complicated race. The team Scott Cala Bandida was classified split. Mantecón and Guerrilla managed to reach fourth place and Miquel finished in thirteenth position.

In the second stage the cyclists had to endure a climb of 1367 meters of altitude from the Cathedral of Jaén, passing through the slope of Jabalcuz and reaching the Pincho. Once there, the descent to the Olivo Arena in Jaén separated them from the finish line. Although the mud was not enough in the first stage, here the factor that greatly hindered mobility was the snow that was in the highest part of the Pincho. Despite this, the bandit duo Mantecon-Guerrilla got into the top 10.

There third stage it was short but intense, with many ups and downs on the terrain. Despite this, Mantecón and Guerrilla earned second place. Miquel and José Mari reached the top 20, having an admirable career.

El equipo Scott Cala Bandida disputa la Andalucía Bike Race 2023

There fourth stage it was the only time trial, with nearly 32 km with a positive elevation gain of 887. Due to an unforeseen event, Miquel and José Mari were left behind in the Villafranca de Córdoba area. On the contrary, the duo of Mantecón and Guerrilla managed to hold on and resist, finishing the race inside the top 10.

In the fifth part of the race the participants faced the call "ice slope", leaving Córdoba towards La Canchuela. Immediately afterwards, they toured the Fangorn forest and the ascent to El Revetón to go down the "Loma de los Escalones" and finish the stage in the Parque de la Asomadilla. Mantecón and Guerrilla took the sixth position.

There sixth and last day It began and ended in Córdoba, with the bandits duo and Miquel and José Mari taking the top 10, demonstrating good physical condition. Scott Cala Bandida's team has once again shown that, despite the mud and snow on the road, they will not stop.

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