Equipo Scott Cala Bandida disputa la Andalucía Bike Race

The team once again reaches the TOP 10 in the Andalucía Bike Race after beating some hard times, they showed the great teamwork that there is among them.

The Scott Cala Bandida was given place at Jaen, this time the race was by pairs, they were competing in this scoring event for the UCI Marathon Series, José Mari Sánchez y Francesc Guerra, as well as Sergio Mantecón y Marcos García. Both of these duos competed till the end as a team, all of this was needed by the duo José María and Guerilla to secure a ninth place on the general leaderboard.

On the first stage, their great teamwork, compatibility and companionship was already shown. Sergio Mantecón and Marcos García didn’t hesitate when they needed to stop to help their team mates Francesc and José María with an untimely breakdown that occurred when they were cycling among the leading group.

Scott Cala Bandida en la Andalucía Bike Race

On the second stage the comeback began, José María and Francesc managed to get into the TOP 10, they maintained their position till the last day of the Andalucia Bike Race. After a hard fall that made everyone feel like it was over for him, José María managed to replenish himself and get to the finish line without wasting a lot of time. At the same time, Sergio Mantecón and Marcos García where forced to leave the race after a hard fall by Marcos.

“I am leaving this race with a sweet and sour taste, the reason was my teammate fall of my partner Marcos Garcia in the second stage, which forced him to abandon the race, I decided no to leave the race (without opting to classify) as a workout, having to leave the last of the platoon. In spite of everything, they have been good days of training and preparing for the next objective. On the other side Francesc and Jose Marí had a really consisten race and despite some obstacles they got a great ninth place on the general leaderboard.” Said Sergio.

Sergio Mantecón en la Andalucía Bike Race

This great performance by the team in the high level  Andalucía Biker Race shows us the good chemistry they have and also how much this team has overcome in the latest races. Keep going team!


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