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Our premium Night Edition collection is committed to the safety of the cyclist offering them highly visible clothing so they can cycle while there is bad light, a tunnel or a shady zone. 

The Night Edition maillot has a fitted design with a lycra sleeve that favors aerodynamics and comfort. A garment that gives a good breathability and quick drying against sweat.

It has three easy access back pockets that allow to take or store anything in them in an easy way while cycling. It has an inverted covered zipper with block and a silicon finish on the hip, this to allow a more comfortable fit. However, the one thing that makes this maillot special are its reflective elements on the back, sleeves and the pockets.

The Night Edition vest although it has a camouflage color scheme which might make it look harder to see, it’s the opposite it’s mainly composed by a reflective material that brightens itself when gets focused by light, it also repels water and it’s a really good windbreaker.

chaleco reflectante para ciclismo Gsport

When it comes to its manufacturing, it’s composed by a body made by lycra that provides a comfortable fit. The height of the neck of this garment allows for an extra protection when it comes to cold and rain.

The Night Edition culotte is manufactured with a light and compressive textile with Flatlock stiches, to prevent discomfort and chafing. The bands are made by silicone and are fully reflective as well as the logo in the back.

culotte reflectante para ciclismo Gsport

The suspenders are cut from a soft textile that stands out because of its commodity when it contacts with the body. It has a great elasticity in the chest zone and a great fit around the belly button to allow the movement of the cyclist at its fullest. The bandanna Dolomiti it’s the perfect option to be able to cycle for more than six hours without any type of inconvenient.

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