MASSIF CENTRAL - Xplore Experience Gsport
In Collaboration with Ibai Fradejas

If you're a fan of gravel cycling, look no further. Gsport's XPLORE Experiences are the adventures you need.

You will have heard about the previous Experiences:


A gravel route that ran through four provinces. 

The participants had to climb up to 2,000m above sea level, from a ski resort and after a few kilometers of cresting they descended to a medieval monastery dating back to 1054.


An epic bike ride through two deserts. 

Our eagerness to explore takes us by the hand of Kmoot this time to the Sierra de Madrid, mainly known as a weekend destination and winter sports area, but in summer it reveals its other side: a green and spectacular mountainous landscape full of zigzagging and almost empty trails ideal for gravel bikes.

Inspired by these natural landscapes and together with our friends from Lighthouse Cycling we decided to organize a trip here, MASSIF CENTRAL under the motto #HereIsNoBeach.

It was a perfect weekend to recharge energy, we made a preview presentation of the new XPLORE Collection, where people could see and touch all the new products that are about to see the light.  

During the routes there was everything, moments of pedaling at maximum power, stops to photograph the environment, hard uphill stretches, and heart-pounding descents on tracks in good condition. 

The main goal at MASSIF CENTRAL was to be in the saddle for most of the weekend, but leaving enough space to enjoy good food, meet new participants and laugh with old friends over a beer.

We won the game of exploring outside our comfort zone, even when the slope was steep uphill and the downhill sections became broken and twisty. Finally, on Sunday morning when we finally found an "artificial" beach on the side of the lake, it was almost time to go home, but we all came back feeling a little more optimistic about life.

evento gravel por Madrid



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