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Women Cycling Experience in the region of La Marina Baja

A team weekend!

That's how we could sum up the incredible experience we lived this weekend at the first Women Cycling Experience event. Three days of bonding, among women cyclists, in order to ride the routes of the area of La Marina Baja, enjoying the company, cycling, yoga and coexistence.

Friday night:

We started our retreat with a brief presentation of the Gsport brand, it was a unique opportunity to get to know the brand in depth, its philosophy and the manufacturing process behind each garment. We also had the opportunity to hear the inspiring story of Blue Bamboo, the community of women led by Paula Gonzalez, who are looking to take care of themselves and get fit without suffering, at their own pace, with Yoga & Movement, which added a special touch to our weekend.

Yoga para ciclistas con Blue Bamboo


After a hearty breakfast, we hopped on our bikes to tackle an 80 km route with 2000 m+. Along the way, we explored the scenery, gained energy with a nice lunch and challenged our personal limits. It was an enriching cycling experience that reminded us why we love this sport that unites so much.

After the intense 5+ hours of cycling, we returned home to rest with a comforting meal, sharing stories and laughter. Then it was time to relax with a yoga session led by Paula González, CEO of Blue Bamboo and yoga expert. The serenity we experienced during the class was a gift and left us ready to enjoy dinner at home, followed by deep conversations.



We continued to explore the beauty of the area on our bikes, this time on a shorter 40 km route, stopping at beautiful locations such as the beaches of Altea. On our return home, we prepared for another outdoor yoga session with Paula. This practice gave us a sense of calm and well-being, and allowed us to reflect on the experience we had had. 

This weekend was an unforgettable experience, in which the passion for cycling, the connection with nature and the coexistence between women cyclists came together in a beautiful way. From Gsport, we are committed to this type of events, which allow us to get to know our community closely, to expand it and to understand the needs and opinions of our customers. We hope this experience is just the beginning of many more cycling adventures together and many more Women Cycling Experiences.

evento ciclismo para mujeres Gsport

See you on the road!

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