We are happy to announce that Gsport will be the brand in charge of dressing up the Sopela Women’s Team during the 2019 season.

Our 15 years of experience in the clothing industry, our link with the cycling and its community have made possible this collaboration with the Sopela Women’s Team.

A Project where we are looking for excellence, maximum quality and some strict quality standards, at the moment of designing, producing and manufacture of the equipment that the girls from Sopela will be using.

The staff for 2019 will be made up of Andere Basterra, Iurani Blanco, Julia Casas, Isabel Ferreres, Amaia Malatsetxebarria, Sara Martín, Maria Martins, Alexandra Moreno, Mireia Muñoz, Ariadna Nevado, Elné Owen, Sofía Rodríguez,  Ariadna Trias and Mireia Trias. 

Gsport is not the only brand involved in this purpose, MMR Miracle will continue being one more year the bikes that Sopela’s girls will be using. The rest of the equipment will be in charge of Spiuk, which will be supplying Adante Pro helmets and glasses from their Jifter edition. In the nutritional aspect the one in charge is Etixxe Insalus, meen while Racing Tolua continues as a the one in charge of providing the materials and pieces to repair the bikes.

In addition to the support of the Sopela City Council, Bizkaia Bizkaialde and the Basque government, are sponsored by Telxius, a subsidiary company of Telefónica that is in charge of linking southern Europe with a fiber optic cable for the internet, from Soplea to the United States. Through this under water wire long 6.000km will travel the digital future.

All the luck to Francisco Pla, team manager, and to all the girls from  Sopela Team. A team that, without a doubt, It will give us a lot of joy this season in the highest women's category of road cycling worldwide.

Sopela Women´s Team
Sopela Women´s Team Gsport Custom
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