Gorra de ciclismo

If we go back to the classic cycling, to the times of Eddy Merckx, Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault… the only protection a cyclist had to cover his head was a cap. An accessory that has stayed in the shadows after the appearance of the helmets, but we still find many uses to it when it comes to the cycling practice.

The cycling cap comes back with power among the cyclists because of its high esthetic magnetism and its polyvalence. It will help us protect ourselves from the sun, the water, the cold and others, it will absorb the sweat that falls from our head during the training and races.

The cycling cap it’s characterized by a visor that shorter than usual, this one facilitates the cyclist's vision and prevents the wind from lifting it at moments of maximum speed. An accessory that’s useful in summer and in winter.

In summer, we will use it under the helmet to protect us from the sun rays that make contact with our head and that and seep through the helmet gaps. It will stop the sweat from going down to our forehead, and prevent it from getting to our eyes. Also, the cycling caps are made with fast drying and a high sweat absorption materials, essential qualities for the sports practice.

In winter, we will use it under the helmet to protect us from the cold, wind and rain that can seep through the gaps. The cap visor, during this season of the year, it will help us by protecting us from the rain drops and the mud to prevent fogginess on our glasses.

Gorras de ciclismo

Beyond the essential cycling accessory, we currently have other accessories to protect our heads while we pedal on the bike:

  • Headband: Keeps the ears warm, allows to evacuate sweat and has a good fit and wind resistance. Being the lightest accessory for the head, protects from the nape to the ears, giving us an extra of warmth in the cold days. 
  • Balaclava hat: Covers the whole head also the ears and the nape. Its elastic, doesn’t weight a lot and its interior has plush, it’s made for the cold descents and the cold days of the winters.
  • Ski Mask: A multi-position accessory, depending on the necessities of the day or the moment, you can wear it fully raised to cover your ears and mouth and only leave the eyes uncovered, or wear it as a neck warmer. It has a plush interior, it will add an additional layer of protection from the cold. 
  • Cap with earflaps: A variant of the classic cap very practical for the days of the Winter. With a flap that covers the ears, keeps the warmth along the ears and nape zone. Perfect for the colder and windier days.

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