TEIKA UCI TEAM - Felipe Orts

Gsport goes all out with the Teika team as one of their sponsors.

We wanted to take part in the passionate and ambitious project since its beginning. As lovers and fans of cycling, sponsoring the Teika professional team is a present. A challenge that will allow us to enjoy and being present in all of national and international challenges of cyclocross.

This recently created team, was born in Safor and takes over from Delikia Ginestar, it counts with the best racer in cyclocross and sub-23 world runner-up: Felipe Orts.

He has gained his respect in the national and international crowd. It has ceased to be a faithful promise of this modality to become a reality and go on to rub shoulders and measure itself with the best: Van der Poel o Van Aert.

"This year’s objective is to get in the top 10 of the UCI ranking and we will achive it with lots of effort and sacrifice “


Which runners make up the squad?

The team leadered by Javier Cabanes has a squad of racers from different categories that are bringing home numerous victories. Felipe Orts who is the National Champion and nº10 in the world, is followed by many top racers and a great youth school full of talent.

The team has Gonzalo Iguanzo, winner of the silver medal sub23 in the Spain championships. Sara Bonillo and Luisa Ibarrola, big referents in the female category. Edgar Tenor, Marc Cabedo, Vania Rico, Joan Hernández and Jordi Constantino, the young sub 23 promises will defend the Teika Uci Team colors in smaller categories.

Project Team Teika.

Gsport, Teika, BH, Rotor and Alba Horneados are the collaborators of this ambitious project that aims to promote Spanish competition when it comes to cyclocross, from base categories to the highest international category.

“We are going to spend a lot of time together and it’s important to know your teammates well, mostly the ones who are behind betting for the team. I am happy for this opportunity to make a group and to be able to motivate the young ones.” said the protagonist of the team, Felipe Orts.

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