SUNDAYS SNDS viviendo la Transpyr 2020

Our friends from Sundays SNDS decided to join the most special edition that Transpyr has done until this date.

One event that you can’t miss if you’re a lover of MTB, because of COVID-19, this year the event gave a different feeling to the participants. An epic adventure going through a big part of the Pyrenees while being surrounded by friends and family.

The conditions? A capacity limited to 20 participants, avoiding crowds and following sanitary measures as a new proposal from Transpyr Coast to Coast that has been widely accepted.

Three stages, 7500m and 350km where they enjoyed the beautiful views, slopes with more than 23% of incline, fun declines, a hot weather, laughs, crashes, nice chats with a World Cup winner… An unforgettable experience for the lovers of the sport. “This adventures make us better, no matter how you look at it”.

Sundays SNDS viviendo la Transpyr

About Transpyr Coast to Coast:

The MTB Transpyr race goes through the Pyrenees going from one coast to the other one in a unique Mountain Bike raid type of challenge. The organization has already announced the new dates for the race: from the 13th to the 19th of June of 2021.  

Thanks to the implication of different towns the revolutionary format has been kept at its fullest, going from west to east, starting at the Basque French coast and finishing at the Costa Brava after seven passionate stages. Are you ready for the challenge?

About Sundays SND:

Sundays (SNDS) Cycling Club is not a club neither a brand. All the personality of their members is shown in SNDS. Their way of enjoying the cycling and the places where they go, is always being surrounded by their friends, the music they listen to, the places they visit, the trends that they follow… all of that is “Sundays”.


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