Ropa de ciclismo específica para mujeres

Since the inception of the Gsport brand, we have been committed to providing specific cycling apparel for women. Clothing tailored to their physique to deliver maximum performance and comfort while riding.

Our perception of women's cycling as a brand has been extremely positive. We have seen our female community grow, and we couldn't be happier about it. Gsport is a brand that has always championed this community, organizing events where female cyclists take center stage and offering specific cycling apparel tailored to the female anatomy, both in our collections and through customization.

This motivates us to stay updated and provide the best performance for our female cyclists. We reflect on the importance of having specific cycling apparel for women.

Women's cycling Jerseys:

The main difference we find in a women's cycling jersey compared to that of men is in the area of the armhole, waist, and hips. This creates a more hourglass-shaped garment.

Our women's jerseys feature wider armholes to accommodate the female chest and provide greater comfort during sports activities. Additionally, they have a more fitted waist and wider hip area, creating an hourglass silhouette that perfectly adapts to the female body shape and prevents the jersey from riding up excessively during pedaling.

Women's cycling bibs:

When it comes to cycling bibs, there are differences between men's and women's in both the chamois padding and the garment pattern itself.

Gsport's women's cycling bibs feature a pad specifically designed for women, as the male and female perianal areas are quite different. The support structures in a woman's pelvic floor are not the same as those in a man's prostate area, so they have different needs, reflected in the shapes of the chamois pads we use for both sexes (you can check out our various types of pads here)

In addition, our women's cycling shorts are adjusted in terms of pattern length. Women's cycling shorts are slightly shorter than men's shorts, achieving a more aesthetic look for women.  

Women's Cycling Gilets:

Gsport's women's gilets also feature a specific pattern tailored for women, creating a much more fitted garment with an hourglass shape to maximize adaptation to the female morphology.

Taking all these factors into account, we firmly believe in the importance of choosing high-quality, specific cycling apparel for women, where patterns are carefully studied and tested on real cyclists.

Our goal in creating the women's version of each of our garments is to provide female cyclists with greater comfort and to enhance their figure. This process has allowed us to develop a comprehensive catalog of personalized cycling, triathlon, and running apparel for women.

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