The REVOLUTION has arrived, SS23 Collection

Colección SS23 GSPORT, The Revolution is Here

Welcome to a new era, focused on pure performance and maximum performance. "The REVOLUTION is here!!"

Our goal for this season SS23, has been to investigate unexplored paths, exceed limits, deconstruct to rebuild, analyze each of our ranges, return to our origins, return, look for different paths to reach the same goal... Our goal? The REVOLUTION.

Development implies change; change, evolution. During all these years we have been evolving in each phase (as a company, as workers, as cyclists...), we have been preparing the ground for this "revolution" that we present to you today.

Driven by an obsession with providing the cyclist with pioneering performance products, we have recontextualized each of our ranges, building distinct and innovative garments. Ranges ONE, AERO, PRO TEAM, PRO SKIN, return renewed to cover all the needs of the current cyclist. 

Gama ONE Gsport

Comfort. Basic. Timeless.

The line ONE, is our most all-terrain range, suitable for any type of cyclist. It has a regular fit, with less compressive fabrics than the rest of the ranges, making the ONE the ideal range both for a first kit and for the daily training of a more experienced user.

Monochromatic designs, a range made up of two models in neutral tones and two in trendy colours. Made up of two of the essential garments, the jersey and the culotte. We wanted to respect the identity and classic structure of our One.

The most innovative part of the range is given by the materials and the manufacturing process. Garments composed mainly of Polyamide fabrics, which provide extra comfort and softness, allow quick drying and are resistant to washing. Regarding clothing, the bonding technique (seams without thread) is implemented.

Gama Aero Gsport

Trend. Cheeky. Energetic.

The essence of the line Aero it is more free, adventurous and risky. It is the most daring range. Aimed at a younger profile, cheeky and open to experiment, with a more relaxed cycling concept that combines exercise, fun, laughter and community.

The Aero range features a more tailored fit or slim, aimed at a user who regularly includes outings in his schedule. With more colorful designs, patterns and more striking textures that take center stage.

We use low-weight fabrics, following the Aero dynamic, playing with different textures, creating glazes and glosses that enhance the body in motion. 

Gama Pro Team Gsport

Minimal. Aerodynamic. Demanding.

The line PRO TEAM, we could classify it as the most demanding line. It is designed for regular cyclists, a user who integrates cycling into their daily routine. It presents a fit much more adapted to the anatomy, delicate and very light fabrics, which glimpse the body and outline its shape. Garments inspired by high competition. Structures arise that seek aerodynamics, avoiding unnecessary elements and seams.

Clean lines, architectural graphics. This range has a highly urban and contemporary essence. It is the most complete range, made up of jerseys, culottes, vests, sports bras and undershirts.

Gama Pro Skin Gsport

Vanguard. Style. Exclusiveness.

The line PRO SKIN It consists of a complete Limited Edition "Total Black" kit, intended for the most experienced and demanding cyclists. Minimalist in essence, with superior quality materials chosen with exquisite taste and care.

Super Skinny fit and maximum adaptation to the figure. Reduced and optimized structure.

The jersey and shorts are made of elastic fabrics, playing with structures and light weight. A super light fabric that makes you feel like you're not wearing anything, the Pro Skin line is our most comfortable and “invisible” line.

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