Manuel Arroyo Maldonado is one of those cyclists who are passionate about challenges that seem impossible. He is an Everesting enthusiast.

Everesting is a type of cycling that consists of routes with an accumulated incline that is greater than the elevation of Everest, 8.848 metres. But it’s not just that… to do Everesting you need to comply with a set of rules: 

  • Although the route may be of any length, only one mountain pass should be chosen and the same route should be kept to until the 8.848 metres have been accumulated. This route cannot be ridden in circular laps, the ascent and descent must be along the same road and should be carried out fully. 
  • double or triple Everesting may be carried out. In this case, it can be done over various mountain passes, but each Everesting must correspond to a single mountain. That is, you can climb a mountain pass until you accumulate the first Everesting and then go on to complete the second Everesting on another mountain pass.

Manu has various Everestings under his belt: Oronet Sur (383.41 km – 8.865 m), Tudons through Alcolecha (316.52 km – 8.850 m) and his most famous challenge, Everesting with a wooden handmade bike on the Oronet Norte through Torres (377.63 km – 8.862 m). In addition, some non-stop routes: Valencia Rubielos de mora (339.92 km – 4.856 m) or the perimeter of Valencia (689.30 km – 7.880m), among others.

At the GSPORT Custom department, we wanted to participate in his latest adventure by creating a kit that would meet his needs. Our Xplore Bib Short and Pro Aero Jersey were the options chosen for an attempt at a double Everesting through the Oronet.

The culotte Xplore is a versatile garment which is adapted for cycling on long rides. It has two pockets on the legs which are finished with elastic trim to ensure that belongings are not lost and can be carried comfortably. The back pockets are placed above the waist right at the limit of where they can be reached easily and where they will not interfere with pedalling. Another good thing about this bib short is its Dolomiti pad which ismicro-perforated and made from a single piece. It is designed to ensure quick drying and recommended for routes of over 6 hours. 

The maillot Pro Aero is made up by mainly lycra, to  be able to achive an optimal adjustment, and the back to be breathable. Its silicone band at the bottom will provide a perfect fit around the waist. You will be able to do kilometers feeling how this garment adapts perfectly to your body. In addition, this range of leotards feature a covered and inverted locking zip, reinforced pocket with one-way stretch and ribbed finish and ribbed lycra sleeve with silicone appliqué.


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Although on this occasion they were very close to achieving their objective, we at Gsport will closely follow their upcoming challenges. 

You can view their adventure on Strava and follow them on social media.

Reto Everesting Manolo Arroyo

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