OFF-THE-CHAIN con Aileen Schweikart

We get off the bike to present OFF THE CHAIN, a new sensation were you will learn new things from the cycling world in a fun and fast way.


Everything started two years ago, in October of 2019, at Palma de Mallorca: working as a German teacher, I wanted to meet the people from Mallorca as soon as possible! And what was the fastest way to do this in the most famous cycling island in Europe? I bought a used road bike, I made friends that I got to know while cycling and asked them to join them to cycle.

My plan worked: I find a group of girls of Mallorca quickly and explored the whole island. Living the community, experimenting with the nature and the passion for cycling were some things that I learned to love during that time and made me grow as a Person and as an Athlete.

Unfortunately, the pandemic forced me to leave mi new home, in March of 2020. Although this was sad I took this opportunity to finish my career (Sport Sciences and Spanish) in Freiburg im Breisgau. While I was in Germany, the yearning for the island didn’t let me go… that’s why I decided to go back to Mallorca in October of 2020.

I arrived being completely untrained. I kept training until one of my best friends, who is also a cyclist, encouraged me to take a little bit more serious the cycling. Sometime after that, I found myself in the office of my actual trainer Toni Colom, who trains high level athletes.

The situation looke like surpassed me... nevertheless, I decided to trust my feelings, find the support in my friends and hold on to my passion for the cycling. I went on with the adventure!


My name is AILEEN SCHWEIKART, I am a professional cyclist from the UCI Team Bizkaia Durango since August 2021. I am 26 years old and I grew up in Nürtingen, Germany near Stuttgart.



If you start training professionally cycling at 24 years old without having any idea and you jump to the adventure, you need to be prepared to face the winds that come opposite to you. Thanks to many amazing people that took part of my life and the confidence I have in my ability, I was able to make this step.


When I cycle on top of the bike, I am alone with myself, I am focused and give the 100% of me, because I love what I do and that’s what I work for every day. I’ve always been ambitious and with lot of willpower, it’s a part of me and I confess it.


My trainer likes to call me “hihi haha – girl”. I came to the cycling in a very carefree way, with a big smile and a big proportion of humanity. With the time, this amusement became a passion and something I dedicated my time in a serious way. I love the cycling and everything that I do is because I love it.


To me racing means pure passion, experimenting with the community, pushing my own limits and putting myself to the test prove my own capacity again and again. I am an athlete with lots of will, one of those that grasps and implements things quickly.



Ride like a Woman! I will try to give everything, critically analyze my mistakes and learn from them.


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