Ocells de L´Albufera - Ruta gravel por Valencia
In collaboration with Ibai Fradejas.

Ocells de l’Albufera it’s a project based on a wall painting which tries to unite the Valencian culture with the world of gravel.

Our friend Pedro Mecinas, who’s an artist that started in this movement after a small photo project which was based on the making of the rice in Valencia. His growing interest for the ornithology - the nature in general – and the gravel did the rest.

Pedro saw in the hut from the Albufera a great canvas to expose his work and and be able to share them with the world.

The "Albufera de Valencia" is full of all kind of living beings, this natural habitat contains somewhere around 300 species and we don’t notice most of them. The barn swallow, the sooty gull, the falconet or kestrel, the flamingo, the gray heron, the picaport or common ibis... these are some of the main inspirations of the mural paintings which has as an objective to make us admire in a disinterested way the environment that surrounds us and that is alive. It is worth it to stop observe, get to know, value and mostly: to respect.

Ruta Gravel por la Albufera de Valencia

Ocells de L´Albufera, una ruta Gravel que une el ciclismo y las pinturas murales

"In each intervention I try to ensure that the visual impact on the environment is minimal, that is, that the animal represented blends in with the landscape, and that it is not a visual impact that breaks the harmony of Albufera itself and its surroundings" says Pedro.

Ocells de L´Albufera, Birds of the Albufera in English it’s a circular route with a 100 kmlength thought to be explored by gravel bikes, this route also connects some huts painted with this bird murals.


A track, characterized for its fast riding, this is thanks to its flat road and also thanks to how easy the track is, it also has a variety of amazing views. A natural paradise located some km away from Valencia that promises to transport you to another world where nature reigns. The terrain allows, a side, from doing adaptations for all levels of cycling, such as, take shortcuts, explore, and improvise on the fly, which makes it an even more spectacular experience.

Ruta Gravel en la Albufera

Ibai Fradejas y Pedro Mecinas

Ruta Gravel por la Albufera con pinturas murales de aves

You can find the full route of the" Los Pájaros de La Albufera" here.

*You can read these whole adventura in the blog VOLATA#31 

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