The proper thing to do when it comes to preparing for a day of 200 km while going 30 km/h at average like the Navelate’s Classic, is to listen to someone with experience, D. Federico Martin Bahamontes had the doping around him, but he had his own method which he was loyal to, a “carajillo” : “that was my trick in the last 50km, a can with two coffees and half a glass of cogna” this is how he begins the Naveate’s Classic with a good carajillo and six hours of cycling ahead.

The training to overcome this challenge of 200km while going at 30km/h at average doesn’t have any mystery a side from cycling, cycle as frequently as possible and as long as possible, without forgetting we are human. Take care of your health, keep yourself in shape and take care of your social life and family, this event I a challenge for lots of cyclists that are looking to increase their endurance and for others that use this as a preparation for their winter season.

Navelate´s Classic - Gsport

Navelate´s Classic was able to join people with different levels but that are able to stay focused and in the main group, which made the day go from a normal race to a party of cycling in the disposition of everyone, cyclists, family and friends which are staying in the cooperative. Coffee, sweets and lunch were waiting for the cyclists when they got to the cooperative. The professional racers such as Sebastian Mora, Joan Bou, Oscar Pelegrí and Oscar Cabedo also exracers such as Rafael Casero accompanied and led the main group in the Navelate´s Classic 2020 edition.

At the end the “colla de cullidors” shared some beers and a traditional oven rice at the cooperative while speaking about the race with laughs and photos.

Navelate´s Classic
Navelate´s Classic Gsport

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