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Gsport will be in charge of manufacturing the @scottcalabandida kit which they will wear to conquer the bike-marathon international.

We share with you a project that we started with a lot of joy and illusion. The new SCOTT CALA BANDIDA team writes a new page in history by creating a new set of cycling equipment with the best material and with a roaster of the best Spanish bikers. Four national racers of world caliber with the goal to keep fighting for the higher spots in the world’s highest level races. Sergio Mantecón, Francesc Guerra, José María Sánchez and Marcos García are not only focused on the bike-marathon, we will also see this racers competing on different modalities such as e-bikes or gravel.

“It’s a big project that has as an objective to create an international team composed of national racers. We also want to encourage the youth of our country to race and aim high, we want to show that our country can compete in any big competition. It’s a team but we also want to inspire the racers and the fans of our country.” Explains Didac Sabatè, the one in charge of the marketing at SCOTT ESPAÑA.


The schedule for SCOTT CALA BANDIDA is as ambitious as challenging. In this first stage of the season they will face the following races:

  • Costa Blanca Bike Race – From the 27th until the 30th of January.
  • Mediterranean Epic - From the 10th until the 13th of February.
  • Andalucía Bike Race - From the 21st until the 26th of February.
  • Cape Epic - From the 20th until the 27th of March.

A project where we get together many sponsors and team that has becomed a big family. The restaurant group CALA BANDIDA located at Xàbia says “Cala Bandida keeps growing and we’ve decide to make a really important sponsorship agreement with the cycling team SCOTT, this team is one of the leaders in the sports industry, and they share a lot of values with us such as: taking care of a healthy mediterranean diet, the importance of the constant developing of the team and the culture of the hard work are only some of them. The projection of the new SCOTT CALA BANDIDA team will contribute to giving a higher visibility to our project and it will open new business possibilities. We would also like to announce that David Ferrer will join our team as an ambassador of the brand to underline the values of self-improvement and the love for the sport from a amateur perspective, leaving to the side the professional competition to enjoy as much as possible one of his biggest passions, the cycling.”

SCOTT will be the brand in charge of providing the bikes and the racers will have at their disposition the new SCOTT Spark RC World Cup Evo AXS and the SCOTT Scale World Cup AXS. From Gsport we will be in charge of manufacturing all the clothing equipment that the team needs to achieve their goals at any competition. The one in charge for the nutrition of the team will be 226ers. The team will be using the wheels made by Mavic Crossmax SL Ultimate with tires made by Hutchinson.

The socks will be provided by X-Socks, the sunglasses by Eassun, the bearings by ISB, Galfer will provide the bike disc brake and its pads, Hirzl will be in charge of the gloves. And last but no least the ones providing the cyclocomputers will be Sigma, the ones that will provide the cycling rollers will be Zycle and the one to close the list of the team material sponsors is Klinpig.

Sergio Mantecón corredor de MTB

We would also like to highlight the the incorporation of Sergio Mantecón to the team because this marked a big change in his career as an athlete. One of the best XCO racers in the history of our country will now start focusing on the bike-marathon, this new discipline is nothing new to him since he has been in the TOP 10 best racers during the World Championship: “After 21 seasons in the Olympic distance, I need to rediscover myself as an athlete and try to find new ambitions. The long distance races is something that I’ve always enjoyed, it has gone well for me and I haven’t been able to prepare thoroughly, after this I came to the conclusion that the best moment to make this transition is now. Next to the sports project, a personal project has appeared, the making of an structure of a professional team, which I’ll support with my years of experience and knowledge after being in different international and national teams, I will also try to help my teammates with their sports career.”

The Game Begins!


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