MIGUEL SORO El Artista del Ciclismo

The “Museo de Bellas Artes de Pau”, with the motive of the Le Tour of France, reunited the artwork made by Miguel Soro in an epic exposition where his paintings paid tribute to the gala round.

Miguel Soro is a self-taught artist, and discreet, who decided to mix his cycling career and his career in painting. As a big professional exracer, the cycler has molded his temperament and has served as a source of inspiration in his work.

Constance, work and effort are the key words from his past experience of his past that he has been able to transfer to his other hobby and make possible to have an artistic career.

The paint is his language. Born from a reality he knows well, his art don’t leave anyone careless. He tries to find a space in his sceneries to be able to develop his own painting knowledge. His portraits and his sceneries about the world of cycling mix paint and collage. His artwork is vigorous and precise based on classic cycling.

Miguel Soro is known internationally in the world of cycling and artwork. He has exposed his work in the biggest cycling events, in Europe and in the other side of the Atlantic.

The members of T3SCC didn’t want to lose the opportunity to enjoy this exposition of his trip to the TDF and share a pleasant afternoon with the artist.

Miguel Soro pintura ciclismo
Miguel Soro cuadros de ciclistas épicos
Miguel Soro Pintor de cuadros de ciclismo
Cuadros de ciclistas clásicos Miguel Soro

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