BACKTOCLASSICS, colección de maillots de ciclismo vintage

#Backtoclassics was born as a vintage special edition where we pay tribute to the most classic cycling. We wanted to bring back memories of the golden age of cycling in the best way … by reissuing these history garments and transferring them to current needs and quality standards.

To start this amazing project, we wanted to honour two legendary teams. La Vie Claire, a French team that broke with the traditional way of thinking that dominated professional cycling. This mythical jersey was inspired by the work of the artist Piet Mondrian. It´s possibly the best known in the history of cycling.

Peugeot is considered the cycling team with the best track record in history, during its long existence it won 10 editions of the Tour de France, 3 Vuelta a España and 5 Paris-Roubaix. Inspired by the flags that put an end to car and motorcycle racing, the black Peugeot squares are a classic in cycling iconography.

You can get these limited edition jerseys through our website.



From our custom department we carry out customization projects, offering our clients a wide range of possibilities in the personalized design garments.

We advise on the choice of the ideal garment, within our range of products, that best suits the needs of each client. Our design and layout team will try to get the maximum performance and visibility to sponsors and companies.

In our fabric we cover the entire process of design, development and manufacture of garments, which allows us to control the production process to the millimeter, be flexible and guarantee an optimal result.

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