Titan Desert 2022

The Titan Desert is an MTB race by stages in the desert of Morocco that is characterized by the high temperatures, dunes rocks and reddish sand. This factors, add this to the physical effort and the kilometers, and you’ve got one of the hardest competitions for the participants.

The Titan Desert, the colossal of the desert that we know had its first edition in 2006 and has had more than 15 editions. Known as “The Paris-Dakar of Cycling”, it has achieved to put itself on the top of MTB races, only suitable for the bravest ones. In the history of the challenge, two names stand out: Roberto Heras and Josep Betalu. Who were able to win the Titan Desert in four different occasions. Betalú was able to do it consecutively from 2016 until 2019.

This 2022 edition took place in the 8th and 13th of May, with a route that had 598 kilometers that divided into 6 different stages that ended up adding +6999 meters of positive unevenness.

One of the characteristics that stand out of this race is the navigation, which consists of orientation with the GPS and choosing the best route to get to the finish line, without having any track or marks on the route. The stage of navigation in this edition is in the fourth stage, in the other stages the participants need to go through the CP (check points) following the path and the track, they can leave the track, as long as they don’t skip the CP.

In this edition, Gsport has been represented by Sergio Mantecon and Miguel Fause, from thee Scott Cala bandida; Pau Salvá with his solidary project Factor8 Cycling Project (to gather funds to help the association of Hemophilia in Morocco); and Manolo Beltran “The Triki” form de MMR- Bujarkay –Gsport.

4 racers that have lived their experience in the Titan Desert each one with their different objectives. Always being supporte by #Gsportcustom to make it.

  • Pau Salvà finished in multiple occasions in the top 10, he ended the challenge as the 10th in the general leaderboard.
  • Sergio Mantecón achieved the victory in the fifth stage, knowing how to use the navigation in an efficient way got him an advantage of 1’27” over the leading group. At the end he held the 17th spot in the general leaderboard.
  • Miquel Faus, the youngest of our racers, who joined the team Scott Cala Bandida for this race and his debut in the desert, he got the 2nd place in the 5th stage.
  • Manolo Beltrán, won in the master 50 category and finished in the top 20 of the general leaderobard.

A great experience where, above all, they enjoyed unforgettable moments.

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