For the ones that don’t know what is LightHouse it is a small shop located in Madrid, in the zone o Montecarmelo, a shop with lots of personality and with a big community of people that enjoy cycling the same way, this is why they’ve decided go one step further organizing rides like this one we about to show you all, here the loyal clients can go to enjoy a day and meat people.

The last weekend of February, while running from the cold at the center of the peninsula, LightHouse Cycling decided to leave Madrid and go to Javea, to a small village with views to the beach, for a weekend full of incredible routes on some of the best roads in Spain and accompanied by Costa Blanca. The weather predictions were that it would be windy but, at the end of the day the weather ended up being better than expected.

During two days the Blue Army toured the Marina region, entering the Vall de Gallinera, and overcoming iconic ascensions of the preseasons of the professional cycling like Vall de Ebo and Coll de Rates, without forgetting of other ones like Tollos o Bernia. Sun, kilometers, little traveled roads, new friends and good company, what more could you ask for?

The Lighthouse cycling
The Lighthouse - Tienda bicis Madrid


When they got to the town they had pizza and beer while sharing histories and experiences, see you soon friends!

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