When we heard that our friend and partner in exploits Ibai Fradejas was planning IV Lands we knew it would be our adventure of the summer. One of those adventures that make you see and appreciate life in a different way.

"I have an innate need to explore, to discover... and what better way to do it than by bike. I am passionate about sharing these routes so that others can see and feel cycling as I do. That's how I came up with the idea of organising a meeting with different people, bringing together friends, acquaintances and strangers. This is how IV LANDS came about. Exploration and a good atmosphere will be the base, far from a competitive nuance, looking to be something different, to create links and community".

IV Lands started as a three-day GRAVEL experience through 4 territories, 300km and 5,000m of unevenness of tracks and dirt roads, places that for centuries have witnessed the passing of pilgrims and travellers. Departing from Vitoria-Gasteiz, the idea was to walk along some of the most beautiful gravel paths in the area, passing through four provinces: Alava, Castilla León, La Rioja and Navarra, hence the name IV Lands (four regions). A perfect setting to offer a close encounter and surprise with a different route, all with the sole objective of enjoying this exciting way of life.

There were two possibilities for overnight stays, sleeping in a hotel or in a tent, regardless of whether you were self-sufficient and had to carry things on your back (never better said). Clothes for the three days, water, some food, tools and everything necessary for camping.

"Three days to get together and ride through 4 territories, forests, secondary roads, mountains, vineyards, tracks between fields, up to the sky, down, zigzagging along the banks of the Ebro, crossing canyons, riding along an old railway line... What more could you ask for? What more could you ask for?" Ibai told us with a smile .... and that's how this adventure began.


Xplore Experiences, aventuras gravel Gsport e Ibai Fradejas

Qué mejor punto de partida que un espacio que comparta y fomente "la cultura ciclista". Un lugar donde huele a café recién hecho y puedes comer la mejor tarta de queso, entre muchas otras delicias... @amattercoffee no solo nos acogió para dar pistoletazo de salida a esta experiencia, sino que nos acompañó a lo largo de los días con avituallamiento y la cerveza más fría cuando más se necesitaba.   

1st Stage

Viajes de Gravel Gsport

Peñacerrada- Urizaharra

2nd Stage

Xplore Experiences - Aventuras Gravel

Santo Domingo de la Calzada
San Lorenzo

3th Stage

Gravel Cycling Garments

Santa Cruz de Campezo

"It's difficult to create an event where people with hats, steel bikes, carbon bikes, people travelling ultralight with all the comfort that hotels bring, people with 30kg of bike being 100% self-sufficient, jerseys made of the best lycras, shirts hand-sewn by an African tailor, shoes with rigid carbon soles, Crocs sandals... or... or... maybe it's not so difficult?"

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