Gsport Factory Team

The Gsport Factory Team was made as a project from our company where we will be able to enjoy mountain cycling in family. Our objective, far from a competitive nuance, is to create a community and share with all of you our passion for the MTB world.

We will transmit you how the most mythical BTT races are experienced. Feelings, emotions, the hardness of the tests, sensations in the tracks, landscapes… everything that can’t be seen from outside but it’s experienced, intensely, from inside.

Also, without forgetting our reason to be manufacturers of cycling clothing, this project serves us to test our new Gsport garments for mountain, at the highest level an in the most extreme conditions. The racers from the Factory Team contribute an amazing feedback throughout the season, that later translates to the production so improvements can be implemented.

The Gsport Factory Team is composed by various members that will participate in different challenges at national and international level. The faces that will begin this 2022 adventure are: Fernando Benavent (@nando_de_fer), Miguel Ángel Silva (@miguels210), Aitor Meléndez (@aitormelendez) y Dani Díaz (@danycycling, actual Spain CX master 30 champion.

Although the objective of this project is not the finish line, but to enjoy this cycling modality and to be able to share experiences, in a closer way, with all the Gsport community. The good form of the team members has allowed us to collect good results so far in this season:

Miguel Ángel Silva 

  • Second place in the Élite: Open XCM of Extremadura
  • Win in the BTT Añora (track BTT Los Pedroches)
  • 4th in the General and 3º in the Élite in the MTB Guzmán el Bueno
  • 2nd place in the BTT Marmolejo (Córdoba)
  • 3rd Élite in the Vuelta Ibiza MTB

Fernando Benavent 

  • Win in theMáster 30 in Llombai (track BTT of the Ribera)
  • Win in the BTT Bugarra (Circuito MTB Valencia)
  • Win in the XCM Jurasic Race Ricla
  • Win and leadership in the Máster 30 in the XCM at Traiguera (Challenge XCM of the CV)
  • 4th in the General and 2nd in the Máster 30 at Villamalea (Provincial circuit BTT of Albacete)

When it comes to the colors and garments that our team uses, they are characterized because they represent tour Factory Team, the orange color and a subtle touch of black represented by two stripes that cover the long side of the sleeves. An equipment inspired in the Dutch football national team that played during 1974, that was leadered by Johan Cruyff and was known as “The Mechanic Orange”.

Gsport Factory Team

The calendar of this season 2022 has been formed by the following challenges: Andalucia Bike Race, Power Race Leon, Scott Marathon, MTB Guzman the Good, Jurasic Race Ricla, Vuelta Ibiza Mtb and other circuits like Circuit BTT of the Ribera, the Circuit MTB Valencia, Circuit provincial BTT of Albacete or the Circuit BTT The Pedroches.

This has only started!

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