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The XPLORE EXPERIENCES are born as the action part of our XPLORE Collection gravel range. A series of adventures based on exploration and a good atmosphere. Far from a competitive aspect, they are intended to be a source of enjoyment, reunion, bonding and community.

The whole Gsport gravel universe could not have a better standard bearer. Ibai Fradejas, maximum representation of this type of cycling in Spain, becomes part of the team to make us enjoy his dream gravel trips. Adventures where we will live the true gravel philosophy, we will discover remote landscapes and we will be surrounded by very good people.

The XPLORE EXPERIENCES are accompanied by the XPLORE Collection range, a selection of accessories and garments designed, created and tested for bikepacking adventures.


A bikepacking experience trip across two deserts. Open to everyone, a meeting where everyone must be responsible for himself and self-sufficient.


IV LANDS - Xplore Experience Gsport

A gravel experience through 4 territories. Many kilometers of tracks and dirt roads, places that for centuries have witnessed the passage of pilgrims and travelers. A perfect setting to enjoy this exciting lifestyle.


Far from a competitive nuance, this adventure through the Sierra de Madrid (included in the @xplore_experiences) seeks to be something more. The perfect excuse to get together, create community, enjoy the "cycling culture" and generate good memories.



Cremaet Xplore Experience

XPLORE Experiences meetings are created from our deepest love and admiration for adventure cycling: gravel, bike-packing, self-sufficiency, respect for the environment and all those values that we consider important.

That is why CREMAET is conceived as a personal adventure within a collective meeting, trying to promote cycling culture.

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