ropa para ciclismo de gravel gsport - gama xplore

The XPLORE line, our range designed specifically for gravel cycling, has been revamped. New colour palette and new, more specific garments for gravel adventures.

The XPLORE range is designed for adventurous and challenging cycling, extremely versatile products that adapt to all kinds of situations and experiences on the road. They are multifunctional garments: jerseys with looser patterns made with resistant and durable fabrics; bib shorts with pockets and chamois ready for ultra-distance; waistcoats with extra pockets to carry everything you need with you; and very practical accessories for adventure cycling.

The new XPLORE colour range is innovative and daring, perfect both to blend in and to stand out in nature. The Azure and Siena culottes stand out, with shades that will leave no one indifferent.

This season we are renewing one of our bestsellers, the Gsport bib shorts with pockets. After testing and testing our first version, we have introduced slight changes to make this the perfect bib shorts. With an improved pattern compared to the old version, we will gain even more comfort. Feeling the bib shorts like a second skin, thanks to the new mesh on the side pockets and the integrated silicone on the cuff of the bib shorts. As a novelty, we introduce the Performance Force Hybrid chamois by Elastic Interface, tested and recommended for +7 hour rides. Ideal for ultra-distance adventures.

Our most off-road collection, for the bravest cyclists willing to put in a lot of kilometres between adventures.

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