FELIPE ORTS Campeón de España de CX

A cyclist born in the 1995, who takes part in the actual elite of the worldwide cyclo-cross.

Felipe Orts soon started to cycle through his town Villajoyosa his natal city. At that time he already had shown his bike skills, he was growing as a person and a cyclist, putting himself as a referent as 24 years old. Orts, who stands out in the cyclo-cross modality, has defended this season the Teika-Gsport-BH team colors. From Gsport we have the pleasure to stitch the equipment that accompanies them in each one of the places where they succeed.

Felipe Orts, cyclo-cross man international.

The young one who comes from Alicante is an example who reflects its effort and sacrifice, which has made possible to have incredible results throughout its sports career. He can presume being a five time national champion, a silver medal from the World sub23 championship in 2017 and without going far away from home, closing the season with a top 10 in the world raking, where he has won 9 victories in 35 challenges that took place in different international places, celebrating with his characteristic horse ride and wearing his national champion maillot that we GSport made for him.

His achievements are unbelievable. Together with the young Pidcock, he is the only one who has been able to go international and become a racer who has been able to go in between with belgian and dutch races, in the top of the ranking. Rivals as Van der Poel or Aerts are leading the leaderboard.


Since he was young he has combined three specialties in the same season: road, mountain biking and cyclocross, leaving his hallmark and knowing what to do in each of them: “I always try to enjoy each one of the things I do. I believe that effort and passion are the engine of my success”.

Getting close to closing a winter season highlighted by cyclo-cross, in a few weeks, he will change his bike to hit the track. Discipline he uses as preseason for the cyclo-cross, the first competitions in the USA territories can’t be kept waiting… September is the month where everything starts.

On the road he has been racing on the category of Mutua Levante since 2014. In 2019, he raised his arms in successive occasions, including the lap of Valencia and Salamanca.

From GSport we try to spread the support to athletes like Felipe, this is why we try to help them by making and handing them the best clothing equipment for the competitions and trainings to help them achieve their dreams.

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