Felipe Orts regresa a Gsport con su proyecto Forst Team

The cyclist Felipe Orts, recently proclaimed Spanish Cyclocross Champion for the sixth time, returns to what was his home for many years.

We are honored to announce that Felipe Orts returns to Gsport. We have supported him and seen him grow since his beginnings... this 2024 he returns with us to make us enjoy with his personal project Forts Team.

Felipe will face the 2024 season with a peculiar calendar. In winter he will compete in his star discipline (cyclocross) and during the rest of the year he will focus on his favorite discipline, MTB in the Olympic modality (Cross-Country).

<<FORTS is a project that was born from scratch, something very much ours. Therefore, we wanted to be grateful to those brands that have always bet on Felipe Orts. In the case of Gsport, there are two circumstances: they are a reference as manufacturers of cycling clothing worldwide and, in addition, it is the brand of customization of cycling clothing that most supported Felipe Orts when he was taking his first steps. Therefore, now that we are fighting with the best in the world, it was logical to return home>>. FORTS TEAM management comments.

An agreement that will last for a long time, since we both share Valencian origins and, in addition, we are united by similar values and the same international projection.

"We have always believed that growing up means reaching the world elite. Years ago, when nobody supported cyclocross, Gsport always had an open door for Felipe, they saw his potential from the beginning. Now that the media attention is at its peak, we wanted to share this recognition with them," FORTS Team.

"Another of the main reasons for this collaboration agreement with Gsport are the advantages they offer us as manufacturers. By making their own clothing and not depending on third parties, we have much easier to have the best patterns, fabrics, pads... and have the perfect cycling clothing to compete at the highest level in cyclocross, MTB and gravel. Gsport has the production capacity to accompany us in all types of modalities with specific garments for each competition", FORTS Team.

Grateful for their trust, the entire Gsport team is very excited to accompany Felipe Orts in this great adventure, with and without mud.

"Returning to Gsport is like coming home. I would like to continue growing together, hand in hand, as we have been doing so far. We have both increased the quality in these years compared to when we started working together," says Felipe Orts.

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