Felipe Orts comienza la temporada de CX

More than positive assessment for Felipe Orts, Burgos-BH, after the three races played in Belgium, his debut in the CX World Cup and his victory in Luxembourg.

In a month of competition on the mud, the current  Spanish cyclocross champion has already shown the good moment of physical form that he is going through after taking the victory in the fields of the town of Contern, scene of the second race of the Skoda Cross Cup CX in Luxembourg.

“I didnt have in mind going berserker mode beccause the track was really hard. It had rained a lot and it was basicly a every man for himself! I started at my pace but there were four or five people who started faster than me and were fighting between them and wasting energy. I saved my stamina and strength for later and when we got to the middle point of the race I was able to catch up to the main group. By only changing my rhythm I was able to get a 10 to 15 seconds advantage, then I just holded the position until the end and that made it possible for me to get the win. The objective here was to win, we did it in a hard race with rivals of quite a high level such as Thijs Aerts (Baloise Trek Lions) and Lander Loockx (Deschacht Hens Maes), the track was better for them than for me. I was able to find my self in a really good physical state and a win outside Spain is always hard and its important.”  Said Orts.

We should also add on top of his first win in the European CX calendar outside Spain some impecable performances, the past Thursday 21st he race in the Ardooie race with a hard track accompanied by lots of rain and mud, he knew how to go from less to more and that secured him a spot in the TOP 10 while also being some seconds behind the racers in the TOP 5. The one who won that race was the Belgian Laurens Sweeck .

Two days later, he raced again the Saturday 23rd in the Superprestigio de Ruddervoorde.

A side from getting advantage because of the fast track and good temperatura, Orts was able to get in the leading spots from the beginning he was able to get to sixth. However, he finished in the seventh place accompanied by an incredible technical performance in the most complicated areas. The one that took the victory home ahead of his compatriots Quinten Hermans and Toon Aerts. was the Belgian Eli Iserbyt .

To close this week of CX competitions through Belgium, on Sunday 24 the Zonhoven World Cup took place.

The WC race took place in a track full of descents and sandboxes. He started from the 3rd line with starting to get some rhythm little by little and competing for the top-15 throughout the race, finally the native from Alicante finished in eighteenth position.

Felipe Orts ciclista profesional de CX

"I didnt like the track of Ardooie,  it was very annoying. I was also tired of the trip, some days befor i had been in Galicia, in Alicante, in Burgos...I was able to get some rhythm little by little and I was able to finish tenth. The Saturday at Ruddervoorde was a great race, I thought the track was good for me, I felt quite good I started the right way I maintained my position, I was also able to get to the sixth spot eventhough I finished seventh which is an important achivement in a competition with such a high level like Ruddervoorde. In Zonhoven, I came out quite a bit behind, but I was able to climb back in a terrain like sand, which is a terrain where I am not as good as in the others. I had a Little fall which affected me and slowed me down a bit but I’ll be takeing the result, in general I had a good balance of these three CX races".

After some days of recovery, the native from Alicante will be present again to face the rest of the tests of the CX season.

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