Recorrer los Picos de Europa con bicicleta
In collaboration with IBAI FRADEJAS

Adventures planned at the last minute are often the best, so planning an exploration adventure for the weekend on a Monday is a good start.

We set course for the PICOS DE EUROPA, which were given that name because they were the first peaks that navigators discovered when they landed in the northern part of Spain.

Even though it was late July and early August, we checked the weather forecasts as this is a mountainous area with several passes near 2,000m, storms were threatening, which caused us some uncertainty, but we did not hesitate and packed our bikes. 

The main plan was to cross the central massif, and enjoy several days of incredible and almost unexplored landscapes on a gravel bike and ride around, we had a route in mind with some asphalt, but mostly magical gravel sections.

The track guided us up and down the mountain each day to show us all the beauty of the national park... let the exploration begin!

As the name of the "XPLORE" collection says, exploring from sunrise to sunset is the best way to get the most out of the area, enjoying the most beautiful things to see, and making the most of the hours on the bike. 

We stay in hostels, rural houses and mountain refuges, which is synonymous with harmony with nature, free time in the open air, and being immersed in a socio-rural environment rich in culture and quality food products. Undoubtedly charming places to stay, at a good price.

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Explorar los Picos de Europa en bici

Recorrer los Picos de Europa en Bicicleta


Our trip focused on the Picos de Europa National Park, so we found a route that went all the way up and down the mountain (though not to the peaks...) on a mix of paved and unpaved roads. 

  • Location Picos de Europa
  • Stage 3
  • Distance 200 km 
  • Cumulative ascent 6,600 m 
  • Minimum recommended tyre size 40mm.
  • Recommended gradient 1:1 as there are some very steep climbs.

The best time to do this route is in summer, as in spring and autumn you may find snow on the highest passes, as the altitude is around 2,000m at several points. 

With its high altitude, the ease of cloud formation and its thermal influence. Be prepared for anything ...

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