For lovers and followers of the professional cycling like us, then participating in a project like the one Evo Pro Racing offered us is a luxury.

Making the equipment of an Irish team with international cycling talents was presented to us as a passionate challenge as well as a delicate one. Our objective? To create a set of equipment where the design and the quality went together. We were looking for a maillot that could stand out in each one of the iconic races where Evo Pro Racing competes.

After analyzing all the options, one idea stood out. Galaxies, planets, constellations and stars would take over the new maillot of the team. A team that not only consist of developing the talent and creating opportunities for the cyclist around the world, it also focuses on making them shine of their racers and tries that they remain united thanks to their effort and passion for cycling. The same union that we see reflected in the galaxy that stains its second equipment, a set of gases, dust, billions of stars and their solar systems brought together by the force of gravity.

From all the custom clothing made by Gsport, we were looking for two garments that could please the needs of their long trainings and demanding competitions. Our   Short Team Culotte and our Maillot T Aero were the most optimal options to fulfill this challenge.


The Team Culotte is a garment made for long duration cycling. It is composed by three different types of lycra to give it a better fit. The oval-shaped embossed fabric at its base provides extra comfort to the garment.

Breathable mesh braces and back in perforated mesh fabric for better breathability during races. It also has flat stitching to prevent any chafing after many hours of cycling and bands made fully by silicone with a width of 7cm. Their Bandana Dolomiti is recommended for cycling sessions that last more than 6 hours.

The maillot T Aero has a slim fit ideal for cyclists looking for a garment that perfectly adapts to their body. It is composed mainly by lycra to have a better adjustment. This edition of maillot has a back side made with a highly breathable fabric back, covered inverted zipper with a block, reinforced pocket with unidirectional elasticity, an elastic finish and a lycra sleeve with applied silicone.

We are convinced that this little galaxy full of stars created for them represents all their victories and achievements of the year 2021. We will continue following their journey very closely through their site and social meida.


Photos: @vizucco_photos

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