El Kilómetro Cero, un evento de ultradistancia entre Madrid y Barcelona

We are happy to announce our new project with El Kilometro 0 (The Kilometer 0). A cycling project that pretends to go back to the origins and the essence of cycling. Travel long distances with one objective: to get to the marked destiny, to enjoy the essence, flavor and the people you get to meet along the experience.

Kilometro Cero isn’t a race. A race is tension, competition, success and failure. Kilometro Cero doesn’t have anything to do with that. The Kilometro Cero looks to enjoy the cycling, the gastronomy, the culture and much more.

It is designed so that anyone can take one of its gravel, mountain or electric bike tours.  Any day of the year. 4 adventures that run throughout the Iberian Peninsula from coast to coast united by the Km0 of the radial races. The 4 runs add up together to 3 thousand kilometers and each one of them join a cardinal point, a lighthouse, a tongue and a culture. A same start, Madrid, and four different endings: Finisterre, Hondarribia, Tarifa and Rosas(Cities in Spain).

The routes are designed to be done when and how you want, although twice a year "express" trips are made with a limit of 100 participants. This needs to be completed in a maximum time span of 100 hours in a self-sufficient way and exists a possibility of participating by pairs or individually.

El Kilómetro Cero, un evento de ultradictancia entre Madrid y Finisterre

The first date that Gsport is going to be present along the side of Kilometro 0 will be Madrid-Finisterre, from the 25th to the 29th of May. 798 km ahead, in a track that runs through the 5 paths of Santiago that are found in the Iberian Peninsula. The race will start the Km0 at the Puerta del Sol de Madrid and it will finish at the Km0 that is located at the Path of Santiago of Finisterre. The own organization of the event will be in charge of organizing the transfer of the suitcases, from the beginning place to the intermediate point of assistance and to the end of the tour in finisterre

The clothes and the accessories of our XPLORE collection for gravel will be the protagonists of this adventure. Our bikepacking bag is where we will be storing everything we need to be self-sufficient during the trip and also our Xplore edition pants, which are perfect for long distances and very practical to store food, your phone or your tools.

The other three tracks that have been proposed (Madrid-Hondarribia, Madrid-Tarifa and Madrid-Rosas) are still to be confirmed. They will be completed in the coming years so that anyone who wants to can make the trip on their own, whenever they want.

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