TEMPORADA BTT - Ciclismo de Montaña

Its time top put to the test the hard trainings above the BTT. The lovers of this modality of cycling have ahead of them all the important and hardest races at a national level.

There’re lots of people who enjoy MTB and have shared moments and experiences with friends at the end of the week while enjoying the races. A challenge where the practice, the good physical shape and a lot of passion for the sport makes a big difference.

BTT - Ciclismo de Montaña

Taking part in a BTT challenge is always a good idea full of benefits, here are some reasons:

  1. Belonging. In a mountain bike race you don trace only to win, you also share your love for the sport and try to create a better community.
  2. Competition.  We can’t deny that the power of being competitive and the mobilization of the competition. This makes possible to compare and challenge our capacities with other cyclists. There is not a better way to do it tan a BTT race. 
  3. New routes. Thanks to the experience and knowledge that the organizers of this type of races have, the cyclists get to know new routes and places to practice this sports modality.
  4. Variety . Little by little the mountain cycling in our country has been increasing its popularity and developing more and more. Nowadays there are many competitions that you can apply to, depending on personal interests and likings.  
  5. Getting to know new people. The races are good places to get to know new people and create bonds with people that love this sport as much as you.
  6. Learn from pros. Many are the tests that have great professionals among their participants with whom to learn and live the experience.
  7. Ambition. Setting goals helps people maintain an optimal physical condition, to get a better knowing about itself, and mostly to have an objective to achieve.
Gsport Custom MTB

From GSPORT custom we can only thank this lovers of the cycling for believing in us to customize their equipment for the Mediterranean Epic, Volcat, Scott Marathon BTT and many more.


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