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We enter the world of middle distance triathlon with the Peñota Dental Alusigma Triathlon Team. We have developed and made triathlon suits for them, with which they have won the Spanish Middle Distance Triathlon Championship in several cate


Marta Sanchez


Spanish individual middle distance triathlon champion

What prompted you to take up triathlon?

It came into my life by chance. I did synchronised swimming for 11 years, from the age of 6 to 17. Then I joined the gym in my hometown, where I met my current husband. He was already a triathlete and little by little he introduced me to the sport, teaching me all about it. I had no idea how it worked! And that's how I started... for a hobby, for fun and craziness with short and long distances. Year by year I got on track, until I reached progression and growth.

How important do you consider the quality of triathlon clothing for racing and training?

We spend 90% of our time training, so wearing good quality clothes is very important. In the area where we live (northern Spain) the winter is harsh. Being able to have cycling clothes adapted to this climate is noticeable and appreciated, especially in the cycling shorts. At the moment I notice it a lot as I ride long distances and the bike rides are many hours long. 

When you compete over short distances, the races last 1 hour and the triathlon suit is already regulated. On the other hand, in long distance, you often have the option of competing with a short or long triathlon suit. In my case I prefer the long distance triathlon suit, as you spend many hours competing and if it's hot it allows you to keep your body much cooler. Trials can last from 4 hours to 8 hours approximately.

How did it feel to reach the finish line?

When I arrived I was relieved to cross a goal off the bucket list we all have. Since I started in the world of triathlon I have always thought that I am more resistant, that is, that medium and long distance would be better for me. So, I took it easy.

My main objective was to win the Spanish middle distance championship title. Getting it was very gratifying, and winning the team title was also a great joy.



Gonzalez Fuentes

Spanish middle distance triathlon team champion.

How do you combine your training with your work life to become Spanish Team Champion?

I try to combine training with work in the best possible way, doing some sessions first thing in the morning before work, others at the end of the day in the afternoon and taking advantage of the weekend to get the volume in on the bike. In the end you have to get about 20 hours of training in to be competitive.

What was your goal this season?

Throughout the year I usually have several objectives. On the one hand, to help Peñota win the Spanish duathlon and triathlon championships, and on an individual level, the Lanzarote ironman. However, I have also competed in other important races, such as the Zuia duathlon or the Zarautz triathlon, as well as the Spanish Championships. At the moment, I have some races pending in the Alps this summer and to close the season focused on middle-distance races.

How important do you consider the quality of triathlon clothing for racing/training?

The quality of clothing is undoubtedly very important. Nowadays, where everything is measured, the clothes have to be as aerodynamic as possible, comfortable and that adapt to the body as well as possible. Luckily in the team we have Gsport clothing, and we have enough material for all the training sessions and the best quality to compete.



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