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En colaboración con Ibai Fradejas.

The past 19th and 20th of March took place our last gravel event inside the known Xplore Experiences. Despite the bad weather that accompanied us all weekend, the CREMAET XPLORE came back to reunite an unconventional group of cycling lovers.

CREMAETwas a gravel cylcing experience opened for everyone, where the racers had different routes to explore Enguera’s mountains and the Cova Negra. We were especially excited to host this ever-growing xplore family at our facilities in Xàtiva. The starting and finishing point was at our facilities. This way we were able to show them the “secrets” of our lands.

The event consisted of 2 stages, one of those stages had 3 distances to choose and the third one had only 1 distance for everyone, where the racers were able to meet one another and by this we tried to make a better community.


The Enguera’s Mountains has an extension of 24,025 hectares and is one of the most attractive zones in the Community of Valencia. Here everything going from the nature until the culture has been build based on the land and the fertile plain of its valley.

The different routes for the cyclists were:

Stage 1: 145km with a positive difference of 2230m

Stage 1 XS: 105km with a positive difference of 1660m

Stage 1 XXS: 83’1km with a positive difference of 1210m

Despite planning to start this first day at 7:30 a.m., the rainy morning with which we woke up forced us to postpone the start until 9:30 a.m. We took advantage of this time to get to know the others a little bit more and speak a little bit more about the routes, while we had an authentic coffee by the hand of our friends coffeewinks. 


Stage 2 : 46,3 km with a positive difference of 770m

The site of the Cova Negra declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, and located in the Municipal Natural Park of Xátiva. It is located in the narrow valley that runs through the river Albaida, its 57 hectares reveal a space of high ecological and heritage value. 10km of the route was carried out parallel to the Canal de Bellús to Xàtiva, a channel of Muslim origin.

The time to leave for the first stage was at 8:30h, with a distance of 46’3km and an positive difference of 770m.

Despite the rains and the mud on the roads, we were able to enjoy a weekend full of good atmosphere, laughter and camaraderie. Without a doubt the CREMAET XPLORE EXPERIENCE was a huge adventure to remember as well as all the other editions (IV Land, II Deserts and Massif Central).

Until the next adventure!

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