Reto Caninexus de Ciclismo Solidario para luchar contra el cáncer

Raquel Castillo was born a fighter. Five years ago she beated a Hodgkin lymphoma with a lung involvement and, next to his dog Tom, has just achieved a new solidarity challenge baptized as Caninexus. Its based on the known route Pirinexus, linking the Girona Coast with the Eastern Pyrenees but this time by mountain bike, she did it in the mode bikepacking while towing Tom.

“When I went sick in 2014, it didn’t only change my life or my boyfriend’s life, Tom stopped playing with me like we used to do during the lazy hours, keeping me company during day and night, I remember the doctors advising me to stop seeing my dog because I didn't get any viruses or bacteria while I was with my defenses down. I was never able to do that the sadness would’ve destroyed me. Unconsciously Tom becamed in my little guardian angel he lived to be by my side, we created an unbreakable bond”.

Caninexus, un reto de ciclismo solidario para luchar contra el cáncer de mama

Shortly after Rachel's healing, Tom started to have hearing problems, his osteoarthritis no longer allowed him to enjoy those long journeys in the mountains, in 2018 a degenerative retina problem began to leave him without vision, until the day he became completely blind. “The unexpected blindness of my dog created an amazing unstoppable team, due to this, the same way he took care of me in my worst times, this time I’ll take care of him to carry out a solidarity challenge. Caninexus a great adventure of more than 350 kilometers with 3,500 meters of altitude, by the hand of RideForHer in benefit of the Josep Carreras Foundation to try to put a deadline to leukemia and other blood cancers“.

RideForHer Cycling & Cancer is an association without any lucrative objective that develops solidarity actions through cycling for the investigation of the oncology, for an upgrade of the quality of life in people diagnosed with cancer and for gender equality.

With the challenge Caninexus what it aims for is to pay tribute to all those furry companions who help so much to overcome or cope with a disease as serious as leukemia. Because they take care of the aspect that medicine treats the least… this aspect that always comes in small print but not least important, this aspect that comes from the hand of the deepest and most sincere love, this aspect they take care of is the emotional one.

We are going to put a date on the cure of leukemia and other blood cancers. Can you help us make it possible? You can also contribute your grain of sand.

Caninexus es un reto solidario de ciclismo para luchar contra el cáncer de mama

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