Café y ciclismo, la cultura Coffe Ride

The coffee and cycling go hand by hand to create the culture “Coffee Ride”. An expression that is already a part of the language cyclists use and that joins both of this experiences.

Nothing like going out for a ride and making a more than deserved stop to enjoy a good cup of coffee. One of the best ways to socialize, give a refill of energy to your body and gather strength to keep going.

The effects that caffeine has on our performance are well known. It affects the nervous system lowering the feeling of tiredness and reinforcing the feeling of resistance. It also impacts in a positive way in our capacity of focusing. All this physical benefits while combining with its insuperable flavor and its aroma, this has made appear a loving bond between cycling and coffee.

Our love for creating bonds in the cycling community, made us cross roads with the people from Coffeewinks, professional coffee makers. They love and respect the coffee as much as we love cycling. A philosophy and way of doing the things that we share in common. Currently they are with us in different events that we organize from Gsport, showing us the culture of the good coffee and teaching our palate.



When we speak about their cafetón we speak about tradition, craftsmanship, purity, passion… of a product that’s 100% natural toasted by themselves. A jewel for all lovers of good coffee!

Most of cyclists choose a philosophy of having a healthy life and enjoying every moment. Thanks to this, there is high interest in finding the most authentic organic coffee a product treated by the professionals that can be transparent when it comes to the regarding of the traceability of their coffees.


What is Coffeewinks?

Coffeewink is a philosophy, a way of understanding and acting in front of the market, the business relationships and the final product.

It’s also you, as a costumer, and the people behind the producing of that coffee on the fields.

Its values.

  • Knowing the values a coffee needs to have so that it can pass the quality standards as well as the salaries that need to be paid to the people that work on the fields to collect it.
  • Reduce and reusing. They know that recycling is the basic that can be done today, but they want to go further, reusing everything that’s possible, this is why they use cubes to provide to their coffee shops, this way they reduce the production of plastics and reuse constantly.
  • Creating a culture. To generate a change in the industry, you need to inform the community about the coffee and all of its stages, from the plant to the cup. This is why they have some audiovisual projects and they try to do as much as possible to get the customer as close as close as it can get to the field. 

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