The Bárba-Ros solidarity platform has achieved its solidarity challenge, 420 kilometres from Madrid to Enguera to raise funds towards research for a Covid-19 vaccine. They will donate the funds raised to the Superior Centre for Scientific Research (Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSISC).


José Francisco Almendros and Julen García have covered 420 kilometres in one week, from the Puerta de Sol in Madrid to the town of Enguera. A journey which is equivalent to ten marathons in seven days.

 “This has not been an easy challenge, but the great team we had supporting us made it bearable”. On the fourth day, Julen suffered a foot injury which he had to endure throughout the challenge. “We received help from a physiotherapy clinic in Enguera that took part in the challenge. We had to adapt ourselves”; José told us. 

But they did not accomplish this adventure on their own. They were supported by colleagues and running enthusiasts who accompanied them along part of the journey for this great cause. Both José and Julen feel deeply moved and grateful for the enormous show of love and support they received.  

At Gsport, we wanted to do our bit by designing and making the kit that they wore during the whole challenge


Bárba-Ros es una plataforma solidaria que trata de convertir retos deportivos en iniciativas solidarias.
Bárba-Ros es una plataforma solidaria que trata de recaudar fondos a través de retos solidarios


BÁRBA-ROS SOLIDARITY ADVENTURES is a platform that attempts to turn sporting challenges into solidarity initiatives. This is its second adventure. Last year they covered 5.000 km from Norway to Carcaixent by bike to raise funds for a charitable organisation in the Rivera Alta municipality. Gsport had the good fortune to take part by providing the cycling kit that was required to successfully complete the adventure.  

"Through the Bárba-ros initiative we are attempting to reclaim the transmission of values through sport.  In this case, the importance of everyone contributing as much as they can to overcome difficulties such as this one. There are no small contributions" asserts José.

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