Aventura en bicicleta de Gravel por Dolomitas

The Alps are always imposing but the Dolomites... it's another level.

Big mountains with big valleys to enjoy your gravel ride in the Dolomites.
This time, we are here to tell you about Sandra and Isaies' journey through these beautiful mountains on a gravel bike. Kilometres and kilometres of dreamlike landscapes where, in two days, they managed to cover 120km with more than 3000m+. 

A circular route starting and finishing in Sauze d'Ouix through landscapes such as Lago di Carezza or the Valmaggiore forest. At this last point, it is necessary to carry the bike for a stretch to reach the Venegia valley, but we promise that the end result will be worth it.

"Carrying your bike" is the name given to the act of putting your bike on your shoulder to pass a stretch that is too difficult or extremely dangerous to pass on your bike, so it is safer to get off your bike.

In the middle of all this adventure, in the middle of the mountains, you can find restaurants that will seem like the "best in the world" .... because nobody would imagine that in these remote landscapes, you can enjoy a good plate of fresh pasta after making a great effort on your gravel bike in the Dolomites.

aventura gravel por Dolomitas


Italian cuisine is always a hit. In summer you can enjoy the best dishes of the Italian Alps with unbeatable views and weather to enjoy them.

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