Recorrer Bilbao en bicicleta
In Collaboration With  IBAI FRADEJAS

Bilbao is a clear example of urban reconversion. A city that has risen from the ashes in every sense: it has ceased to be a gray city dedicated to industry and has been transformed into a cosmopolitan and designer city.

But at the end of the day it is still a big city, in constant movement and in which traffic dominates. Although pedaling through its streets, and its emblematic corners is incredible. My thirst for adventure leads me to get out of it, enjoy its environment and discover new places that, until now, I did not know. 

Because as strange as it may seem at first glance, the beauty of Bilbao, is that you can leave your house by bike and in less than 5km you find yourself on beautiful secondary roads or riding on forest tracks in good condition away from traffic and all with a proximity to the sea that gives us that feeling of freedom...

Explorar Bilbao con Bicicleta
Un día con Ibai Fradeja en Bilbao
Rutas de ciclismo en Bilbao

It is often said that we don't appreciate what we have, our surroundings, and I totally agree, sometimes you don't need to travel far to discover new landscapes and incredible views. 

That's why the fact that I keep discovering new places close to home, that I would never imagine, makes me open my mind and dream of exploring remote places by bicycle...


Pics: @markel.bazan


Para esta aventura Ibai lleva:

  • Culotte Endurance Negro
  • Chaleco Pro Team Sandalo
  • Calcetines negros lana merino
  • Camiseta Xplore. 
  • Pañuelo lana merino Xplore

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