Women's Cycling Bibs

Enhance your cycling experiences even more with the bib shorts that best suit you.

Our collection includes bib shorts, tights, and cycling pants for women—short bib shorts for summer, long bib shorts for winter, with and without suspenders—so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Our range of bib shorts is designed with comfort in mind, for sports practice, to adapt to the body, streamline the figure, and fit well. These bib shorts are ideal for professional cycling, daily training, or competitions. Technical pants and cycling bib shorts for women, allowing you to continue enjoying cycling at any level.

All our bib shorts are made with premium fully dyed technical fabrics, laser-cut, and handcrafted in our factory in Spain. The patterns, designs, and pads are intentionally chosen to suit the female anatomy and cover the needs of a woman on a bike. Our bib shorts feature top-quality pads with cutting-edge technology, combining the latest technology in Elastic Interface® hybrid pads for ultra-distance rides and Dolomiti's most professional pad with open-cell technology and extra comfort for +6h routes. Designed to fit perfectly to the female body, offering maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Exclusive technical fabrics for cycling, with the perfect level of muscle compression, sleek lines, and minimal seams to prevent chafing and discomfort on long rides, along with the best features and innovations in the garment.

Our cycling bib shorts are divided into ranges: the One range, our most versatile bib shorts for all types of disciplines and outings; the Pro Team range, featuring elegant and high-performance bib shorts; the Aero range, our most original, colorful, and versatile bib shorts; the Pro Skin range, the most technical and professional range, and the Xplore range, with cargo bib shorts adapted for gravel and adventure cycling. All our bib shorts, tights, and pants are multidisciplinary, designed for all types of long and short rides, both off-road and on-road cycling.